I hate when companies put the label “guilt-free” on their products, because it implies that I should feel guilty for eating good food.

Things I Want to Tell my Future Daughter and an Update

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been uploading. School’s been stressful, and I’ve been going through writers block. However, I’ve been reading some poetry lately, and I found a poem that really inspired me. It’s called 5 Things I Want to Tell my Future Daughter. So, I’m going to start a little writing series, where I post little things I would like to tell my future daughter. Just little sentences or paragraphs that I want young girls to know.

By the way, I’ve been reading Egghead by Bo Burnham, and I think I’m obsessed. I would one hundred percent recommend this book to anyone. My favorite poems would have to be I Fuck Sluts or A Ghost Story.